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Ace Attorney 5 special edition bundles include figurines, stickers and alternate case jackets

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Nintendo 3DS owners in Japan will have four different special editions to choose from when purchasing Ace Attorney 5, according to an update to the game's official page.

The standard edition includes the game and a replacement case jacket for 5,990 yen, while the extended edition includes the same plus a set of Ace Attorney stickers and a 3DS hardware pouch for 7,590 yen.

For 8,990 yen, buyers can get the game and alternate case sleeve plus a collectible figure of Phoenix Wright in his signature "Objection" pose. Those with cash to spare can grab the limited edition bundle for 9,990, which includes the game, three alterate case sleeves, Ace Attorney stickers, the pouch and Phoenix Wright figure.

Take a look at the figure and contents of each bundle on the game's website. Ace Attorney 5 will launch in Japan for Nintendo 3DS on July 25.

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