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Cut the Rope: Time Travel hits iOS and Android today

Cut the Rope: Time Travel, the next installment in Zeptolabs' series of mobile puzzle games, hits iOS and Android app stores today.

The game adds a number of new elements to the physics-based puzzler, which still tasks you with collecting stars while maneuvering a piece of candy into Om Nom's awaiting mouth. The game sends Om Nom through time to visit his similarly hungry ancestors, which the player must also feed to clear each stage. The title is available for iPhones and Android phones for $0.99, while an HD version for tablets costs $2.99.

The Wall Street Journal reports Zeptolab will spend nearly $1 million on marketing for Cut the Rope: Time Travel; costs which will cover merchandising, a web cartoon series and a partnership with Burger King, which kicked off last month. At GDC, studio co-founder Semyon Voinov told Polygon that the developer would release four new titles this year.

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