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Frontier Developments' canceled Microsoft Zoo was inspired by Zoo Tycoon

Frontier Developments previously worked on a canceled Zoo Tycoon-inspired Xbox 360 title called Microsoft Zoo, according to the portfolio of the game's senior user interface artist seen on All Games Beta.

The artist, Anil Glendinning, described Microsoft Zoo as a third-person adventure title, a zoo creation game with animal interaction elements aimed at families and tweens. Microsoft Zoo was "all charm and lay the groundwork for what would eventually become Kinectimals," said Glendinning. He added that Microsoft Zoo was Frontier's follow-up to its Thrillville series of theme park simulation titles, and also borrowed from Microsoft's Zoo Tycoon franchise.

Glendinning designed the interface to be "fun and inviting" for kids and adults, and modeled it after journals that might have been kept by characters in adventure stories, with a naturalistic, earthy look.

You can check out nine screenshots of Microsoft Zoo below.

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