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Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus pre-order bonuses include ships, officers

Star Trek Online publisher Perfect World Entertainment will launch the game's first expansion, Legacy of Romulus, next month, and the company announced two paid pre-order packs for the expansion today.

Cryptic Studios' space MMO went free-to-play in January 2012, and Legacy of Romulus will be free as well, but players can purchase the expansion's Starter Pack or Legacy Pack for additional content.

The $19.99 Starter Pack comes with two ships, the T'Varo Warbird Retrofit and T'Varo Light Warbird, as well as a Liberated Borg Reman Bridge Officer and an exclusive "Survivor of Romulus" title. The Legacy Pack, which costs $124.99, boasts nine Romulan ships that unlock for all Romulan Republic characters on an account. It also includes a playable Romulan Faction species, the Reman, and numerous other digital trinkets like titles and master keys.

Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus launches May 21. Check out a Legacy Pack trailer below.

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