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Court sides with EA, 'edge' trademarks canceled by court order

A California District Court sided with Electronic Arts and has ordered the U.S. Department of Commerce Patent and Trademark Office to cancel a series of trademarks registered by Tim Langdell and Edge Games, Inc. covering the word "edge," according to legal documents filed online.

Langdell claimed in a series of lawsuits that the trademarks, which covered "The Edge," (patent 3,599,342) "Gamer's Edge," (3,381,826) "Edge" (3,105,816), "Cutting Edge" (2,251,584) and "Edge" (2,219,837) entitled him to injunctions and damages for trademark infringement by games like Electronic Arts Mirror's Edge, reported.

According to the legal documents online, EA filed its Consolidated Petition for Cancelation for the patents above on Sept. 11, 2009. A document filed yesterday, April 17, 2013, referring to Cancellation No. 92051465, confirms the cancelation of each patent by the Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office by order of the United States District Court of the Northern District of California, San Francisco Division.

Today, April 18, 2013, the court received a Letter of Protest from Langdell in his capacity as CEO of Edge Games objecting to the issuance of "a notice canceling" the trademarks.

To celebrate the ruling, Mobigame has discounted its puzzle game, Edge. Langdell also filed suit against the company for the game, which was temporarily removed from the iOS App Store in 2010.

"It took us two years to create Edge from scratch, then we waited four additional years for this day to happen," Mobigame's David Papazian wrote on Two Tribes' website. "This story represent six years of our lives but now the road is totally clear for Edge. We are so happy for all the victims of this trademark troll, truth and justice finally won! We feel that we have to celebrate this major event in some ways, and we hope all the good people we met along the road will celebrate with us."

You can purchase Edge on Steam, the Mac App Store, the iOS App Store and Google Play at a discount during the Edge Trademark Victory sale, which lasts until April 22.

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