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EverQuest 2: Scars of the Awakened preview flaunts the Siren's Grotto

In the latest EverQuest 2: Scars of the Awakened video, three of the game's developers discuss the creation of the Siren's Grotto dungeon, which will be included in the upcoming update.

"The primary goal of making the zone is making it as beautiful opulent as possible, almost to the point of it being a distraction," said Tim Heydelaar, art director.

Game designer Chris Garlick said they wanted players to get awestruck by the Siren's Grotto, to really like it to the point that they would perhaps "like to live there someday."

Players are first introduced to the zone when they come across a siren outside of the entrance of the grotto. The siren then entices the gamer into the zone by asking them to help save her people.

"And it was great to populate the zone with these beautiful creatures, too," said Chris Atkins, character artist. "You'll notice with the sirens, that at first glance they look beautiful, until they start to attack you and then they turn into this monstrosity."

Scars of the Awakened is scheduled to hit on April 30.

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