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Second Sega Pluto prototype discovered, bought at a flea market for $1

Destructoid reader kidvid666 revealed to the website that the second alleged prototype of the Sega console codenamed "Pluto" is in his possession.

Kidvid666 explains in the video above that he bought the console at a flea market for $1 "five or six" years ago and that he is going to post it on eBay at some point. The console's lid "springs up but wont stay down to shut" but the console is in working condition, which he demonstrates in the video.

"So pretty much that's it, just a big-ass Saturn with a modem in it," he said at the conclusion of the video. "I guess it's called Pluto — I guess its '01' — because the other dude who posted his stuff had Pluto '02'. So you know, mine doesn't have any identifying stickers on it, aside from the Saturn symbol."

The first Pluto was detailed on the Assembler Games forums by an alleged former Sega employee posting under the handle of "Super Magnetic." According to the poster, Pluto is a variant of the Sega Saturn and features a built-in NetLink modem. The console never made it to production and it is believed that only two are in existence.

The Sega NetLink modem was compatible with a couple of Sega Saturn games including Virtual-On, Sega Rally, Saturn Bomberman and a special version of Daytona USA.

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