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Curiosity update lets players pay to add or remove cube pieces

The most recent update to Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube? includes sets of competing in-app purchases that add a new twist to developer 22Cans' ongoing social experiment.

Players now have the option to pay to remove cubelets (cube pieces), the action that is Curiosity's overall goal, but they also can pay to add cubelets. A purchase of $0.99 adds 10,000 cubelets, while the option to remove the same number of cubelets also costs $0.99. The game also lets players know how many cubes have been added and removed with the in-app purchases.

"We don't know quite what will happen," said 22Cans in a statement inside the game. "Curiosity may very well rapidly degrade to reveal its innermost secret or maybe the effects of automatically removing cubelets will be neutralized by players keen to keep Curiosity going."

Curiosity launched on iOS and Android last November.

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