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Heavy Rain grossed $100M, devs shouldn't link 'innovation' with 'unprofitable,' says Quantic Dream head

Quantic Dream's interactive action-drama Heavy Rain netted $100 million, proving developers should "stop thinking that innovation rhymes with unprofitable," according to studio co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere.

Speaking at the Digital Dragons games festival in Kraków today as reported by, de Fondaumiere said experimental games with cultural relevance are profitable and can achieve sales that "most publishers would strive for, for any game." He used the studio's own Heavy Rain as an example, which released back in 2010 to high praise.

"Let's say it's $22 million to produce," he said. "With marketing it's maybe $30 million. With distribution, $40 million. Sony earned $100 million with the game, so it's very profitable.

"Heavy Rain was the ninth best selling game in the year it was released, so we made the top ten," he added. "It's true of Journey, too. I don't know the details of the budget, but I know from speaking to members of thatgamecompany that it was a profitable game for them and for Sony."

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