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Disabled LoL player gets a rare pentakill without the use of his hands

A disabled game streamer has posted a video of himself getting one of League of Legends' rarest accomplishments without the use of his hands. (The video contains NSFW expletives).

In the video, user Aieron and his team get into an initially-unfavorable team-vs-team fight which ends with Aieron scoring a rare pentakill — landing a killing blow on all five members of the enemy team within a short time frame. Last October, Riot Games estimated that the odds of getting a pentakill were one in every 1500 games.

Aieron, whose real name is Keith Knight, was born with Amyoplasia Arthrogrypos — meaning he has less muscle mass than an average person and his joints have stiffened with age. "I have very little movement in my arms, legs, and hands as a result of my condition," he writes on Facebook. He plays League of Legends with a custom setup: He controls the mouse with his cheek, types with a pen he holds in his mouth, and uses his foot and elbow to hit buttons on a specially-designed controller.

His favorite champion in League of Legends is Lee Sin the Blind Monk, but he admits he's "not the greatest with him."

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