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God Mode launching on PSN April 23

God Mode, Old School Games' arcade inspired run-and-gunner, will arrive on the PlayStation Network for PS3 next week, the developers revealed this morning on PlayStation Blog.

The game, which launches later today on Steam for Windows and Xbox Live Arcade, will arrive on the PlayStation Store Tuesday, April 23, where it will cost $9.99. God Mode is a fast-paced third-person shooter featuring a number of over-the-top weapons like rail guns and plasma launchers, which players will need to use to fend off the waves of monsters the game throws their way. The combination is a result of the developer's focus on action over narrative, Old School Games producer Nick Madonna wrote on PlayStation Blog.

"After making this decision early on in the design process, the designers really let their ideas flow," Madonna wrote. "When you tell a game designer to 'go nuts without thinking about story,' something unique and original begins to take shape."

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