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Nintendo 3DS screenshot sharing tool allows posting directly to social networks

A new tool for the Nintendo 3DS will allow players in Japan to take in-game screenshots and upload them to social networking sites, according to a listing on Nintendo's Japanese site.

The Nintendo 3DS Screenshot Tool allows players to take screenshots while playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf or Tomodachi Collection. Players then direct the 3DS browser to Nintendo's mobile website and log into their social networking service. From there they can choose which screenshot to upload and post the photo directly to the service.

Currently the Screenshot Tool only supports posting to Twitter and Tumblr. The 3DS must be connected to the internet in order to use the tool.

Polygon has reached out to Nintendo to ask if the Screenshot Tool will be made compatible with more games and social networking services, and whether it will be released in the west. We will update this story with details as we have them.

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