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Draw Slasher drawing platformer hits PS Vita April 23

Drawing platformer Draw Slasher is coming to PlayStation Vita on April 23, developer Mass Creation announced on the PlayStation Blog today.

The game, an updated version of 2009's Draw Slasher: Dark Ninja vs. Pirate Monkey Zombies, will be available for $5.99 and will include its own set of Trophies and leaderboards. The Vita version also features double the amount of content, new locations and enemies and updated graphics.

Draw Slasher centers on a ninja named Hanzo and his quest to rescue his family from "Pirate Monkey Zombies." Players will tap on the Vita's touchscreen to move and attack, drawing lines to slash their weapon at enemies, and will pinch the screen to pull up menus and select abilities. Check out the trailer above for a look at how Draw Slasher looks in action.

According to the post by producer Artur Gosk, the game will also include a story mode, arcade mode and dedicated challenge mode. Arcade mode features two "endless horde" gameplay options: in Survival, players will test how long they can last against waves of zombies with one life bar, and in Gatekeeper mode players will defend a village from the zombie horde.

Gosk wrote that Challenge mode was built for players looking for a more "demanding" experience. The mode will task players in completing difficult attack combination, survive as long as possible in levels with higher difficulty and kill as many and take on other challenges that will "push players' skills to their limits."

The original Draw Slasher was released for iOS in 2009. A sequel, Draw Slasher: The Quest, launched in 2011.

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