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The Besties Podcast 53 - Let's finish this week

Chris Plante co-founded Polygon in 2012 and is now editor-in-chief. He co-hosts The Besties, is a board member of the Frida Cinema, and created NYU’s first games journalism course.

Boy, am I happy to end this week.

Over the past few days, I've struggled to write, think or care about video games. I've struggled to really do anything. Surely I'm not alone. What an awful week. What an absolutely awful week.

And yet, some really amazing things have happened this week. Like this and this and this. Many people are really stepping up. So this weekend I hope you will join me in doing what we love: playing games. And I also hope you'll lend a hand. You could donate blood or money or anything.

It's been an awful week, but I believe we can help to make next week better.

That's all. This week's Besties doesn't talk about "this week." We tried to focus on the good, which has been the unspoken goal of the show since its creation. I hope you enjoy it. Let's talk about some video games.

  • 4:30 - Best Nintendo Direct
  • 14:30 - Best way to remind yourself how difficult Dishonored was (The Knife of Dunwall DLC)
  • 21:30 - Half time - The recently canceled Ready for Love
  • 25:45 - The best example that in-app purchasing will bring the end of the world (Dungeon Hunter 4)
  • 31:00 - Best reason to throw a controller though a PC monitor (La Mulana)
  • 39:00 - The winner is...

Theme song by Ian Dorsch

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