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Settlement reached in Canadian PlayStation Network class action suit

A settlement in a class-action lawsuit against Sony related to the PlayStation Network hack and ensuing outage from April 2011 has been reached, according to a website dedicated to the case's settlement, and Canadian users of Sony's network services — PSN, Qriocity and Sony Online Entertainment services — at the time of the breach can claim benefits.

Benefits are elegible to Canadian consumers who file a valid claim, the site specifies. Benefits include credit owed on SOE account and PlayStation Wallet balances, $4.50 in SOE Station Cash, a free month of Music Unlimited and others specified in a FAQ.

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice is still due to have a hearing to give final approval to the settlement, so that benefits can be issued, the site notes.

Sony denies "any claims of wrongdoing in this case," the settlement site reads, "and the settlement does not mean that the Sony Entities violated any laws or did anything wrong."

Further details about the settlement in Maksimovic and Others v. Sony of Canada and Others are available at the case's website.

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