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Rare NES game Stadium Events found at thrift shop, up for auction at $12,000

A copy of the ultra rare NES game Stadium Events was reportedly purchased from a North Carolina thrift shop for a mere $7.99 is now up for auction at reseller GameGavel. The listing for the complete collector's item starts at just $12,000.

According to GameGavel, the complete-in-box copy of Bandai's Stadium Events "appears to be one of the nicest to ever go up for auction" and could bring in record-setting bids. Previous auctions for copies of Stadium Events, which was released in 1987 in very limited numbers, have seen bids as high as $41,300 in 2010 and $22,800 in 2011 on eBay.

The buyer who purchased the copy of Stadium Events from a Goodwill store said she was aware of the game's rarity upon discovering it, telling GameGavel of the purchase, "My heart raced the whole time."

The owners of the cartridge say they plan to pay off student loans and put a down payment on a house with the proceeds from the auction.

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