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Torchlight 2 receives Steam Workshop support and in-house editor

Torchlight 2, Runic Games' action role-playing game, received an update on Steam that features full Workshop support, with the developer also launching a Workshop-integrated editor for the game called GUTS, according to an official announcement.

Players are now able to create custom levels, skills, items, maps and gameplay, and publish them directly to the Workshop for other players. Modded games can be filtered by mod combination and players have the ability to subscribe to mods.

A new launcher synchronizes subscribed mods and features customizable options, such as mod activation state and loading priority. Players can also view mod history and "the potential impact that disabling mods may have on your character."

For those interested, Runic Games has a variety of GUTS tutorials and documentation on its official Wiki. To celebrate the occasion, Runic Games has taken 50 percent off Torchlight 2 until April 8.

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