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DayZ console release 'almost certain,' creator has met with Sony

The DayZ standalone title may see a release on consoles if the game's PC launch is successful, the game's creator Dean Hall told The Escapist at GDC.

"Certainly I think if we don't, for want of a better word 'fuck up,' the PC release then I would say a console port is almost certain," Hall told The Escapist. "I know a lot of people get really hot and bothered about it. Like, I'm not a console gamer, I'm a PC gamer, but I don't think it necessarily has to hurt things."

Hall revealed to the The Escapist that they have met with Sony about DayZ because it is the "kind of game that Sony are interested in" and he went on to say that Sony are "obviously interested" in DayZ.

As reported in March, Hall said that the game's alpha will not be released until after June.

Polygon wrote about Hall's GDC talk on the pillars of DayZ's design, where he discussed authenticity versus reality and personal player experience. We also met up with Hall at PAX East where he spoke about the risks and rewards of an open development process.

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