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Defiance launch trailer celebrates its own variety

The launch trailer for Trion World's massively-multiplayer online shooter, Defiance, is a montage celebrating the game's wide variety of characters, monsters and weaponry.

The game takes place in San Francisco, 35 years in the future and is tied-in with an upcoming SyFy series of the same name.

A Defiance season pass is available and will grant players with the first five content packs. Content packs include new alien species, additional missions, vehicles and weapons, along with a Hellbug combat cap and Lock Box for use in-game. The season pass costs $39.99 and content packs will be available separately for $9.99.

Read our interview with the game's creative lead Bill Trost and directing producer of the Defiance Syfy series, Michael Nankinas.

Defiance comes out today for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC. The Defiance television series will premier on the Syfy channel on April 15.