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Assassin's Creed fans 'will tell us' when they're tired of annual franchise, says Ubisoft

Ubisoft isn't worried about players losing interest in its yearly releases of Assassin's Creed, telling Eurogamer that fans will tell the studio when they want the story to come to its end.

The yearly installments will continue until this happens, according to Ubisoft Montreal head Yannis Mallat. "The players will tell us," he said. "Right now, there are more and more coming into the franchise, so I don't see that day."

Ubisoft's primary focus for gaining player interest is for each future title to share a quality level offered in previous games from the series, he adds.

"It's our breakthrough," he says. "When you have quality content, the frequency of coming out with the game is not an issue at all. On the contrary, people expect more and more of that content. So, it's natural to be able to provide that content. The gamers are happy, and it's our job to make them happy."

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, the next title in the series, is schedule to hit North America on Oct. 29 and Europe on Nov. 1.

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