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Stealth Bastard coming to PS3 and Vita this summer

Stealth Bastard coming to PS3 and Vita

Curve Studios' Stealth Bastard — a stealth puzzle platformer that was originally released on Windows PC — is coming to the PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita this summer, according to the PlayStation Blog.

According to Curve Studios, the platformer is a stealth game without the waiting. "Gone are the days of hanging around in a locker or conveniently-placed human-sized crate!" lead designer Sam Robinson said in the blog post. "The mechanical foes of our stealth world are much less forgiving, instantly eviscerating you or your fellow captives on sight!"

In addition to the PS3 and Vita release, the studio wants to rename the game to "something less profane" because the current title is "just too rude." From now until April 14, the public can head over to the studio's website to submit a new name for the game — preferably one that is profanity-free. The person who suggests the winning name will receive a spot in the credits, a copy of the game when it's finished and a PS Vita.

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