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Battlefield 4 developer DICE is 'very interested' in eSports, general manager says

Battlefield 4 developer EA Digital Illusions is "very interested" in eSports as it relates to the upcoming first-person shooter, according to a video interview with general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson published on Luetin09's YouTube page.

The interview took place in the wake of the Battlefield 4 reveal last week, and Troedsson discussed several aspects of the game, including its competitive multiplayer component.

"We definitely see Battlefield — especially the multiplayer component of it — as a very competitive part of the game, of course," Troedsson said. "And multiplayer is the heart of any Battlefield game that we do. That won't change moving forward.

"I can't ... talk about the specifics here because we're not announcing them, but I can say, for instance, that eSports is an area that we are very interested in."

Troedsson said that implementing eSports isn't quite as easy as some might think, he implied that EA Digital Illusions CE is working on it.

"So yes we are very interested in this area, and we're definitely going to see what we can do here."

You can watch Luetin09's full interview with Troedsson above. For more on Battlefield 4, check out the 17-minute gameplay trailer and screenshots released last week alongside the game's reveal during GDC 2013.

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