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Capcom announces Gaist Crusher for 3DS as basis of transmedia project

Gaist Crusher is a new Nintendo 3DS action game from Capcom, and it will be the main piece of a transmedia project geared toward grade-school boys in Japan, the company announced today.

According to Capcom, Gaist Crusher is being designed in the genre of "custom armor action," with the youth-oriented spirit of Mega Man and the multiplayer features of Monster Hunter. The company gave no further details about the game.

The game, which is set for release in Japan this winter, will be accompanied by manga (Japanese comics), music, anime and toys. Capcom is partnering with a number of Japanese companies that are leaders in producing children's content in those fields, including manga publisher Shueisha, record label Avex Entertainment, anime producer Studio Pierrot and toy manufacturer Bandai.

"The important theme of the new project is the creation of new Capcom content for children," the company said in an investor release. "With the number of children in Japan declining, Capcom plans to use this project to attract interest in new brands and firmly establish these brands by continuously launching a diverse range of content."

Capcom also released a trailer for Gaist Crusher that you can watch above. There's no word yet on whether the company plans to bring the game or any of its associated content to North America.

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