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Divinity: Original Sin gameplay video shows turn-based combat and inter-party roleplaying

Larian Studios has released footage of Divinity: Original Sin's single-player campaign as part of an update to the game's Kickstarter project.

In the video, Larian founder and creative designer Swen Vincke first thanks the more-than-6,000 backers who have pushed Original Sin over two-thirds of the way towards its final goal of $400,000 in less than a week. He then segues into "a video that [backers] have been asking for," — gameplay footage from the single-player storyline.

In just over five minutes of footage, Vincke walks players through some of the game's features, like conversations in which the player can roleplay all party members involved — or leave their dialogue choices up to the AI. The characters' choices in speech can modify their attributes, like Faith, Skepticism or Contempt. The video also shows a low-level battle in which standard tabletop RPG concepts like attacks of opportunity and flanking come into play during characters' turns.

Polygon spoke with Vincke last week about Divinity: Original Sin and its Kickstarter project, and he said that turn-based combat hadn't been possible while working with a publisher.

Larian is aiming to self-publish Original Sin. It is currently in development for Windows PC, with Mac and Linux versions possible later down the line. As of writing, it has raised more than $270,000 on Kickstarter with 23 days remaining.