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OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter leaves Zynga before Draw Something 2's launch

Former CEO of Draw Something developer OMGPOP Dan Porter has left Zynga, the company which acquired OMGPOP for $183 million, Zynga COO David Ko confirmed to Polygon in a statement today.

Porter, who served as VP of general management at Zynga New York, has been with the company a little over a year after OMGPOP was purchased by Zynga in March 2012. He had been working on Draw Something 2 in recent months, which launched in Sweden last week and is expected to launch in more markets soon.

"Developing and launching games is a team effort, and we're proud of the great work the Zynga New York team has done with Draw Something 2," Ko wrote, in a statement obtained by Polygon. "Our follow up to the original hit is even more social and engaging, and we're excited to get it into the hands of our players globally. We thank Dan Porter for his efforts in making the Draw Something franchise a success and wish him well in his future endeavors."

Sean Kelly, former VP of mobile operations, will take over as head of Zynga New York to see Draw Something 2's launch to completion. Kelly has been with the company since 2009, and helped lead development on CityVille and other social Zynga titles.

"We're proud to see talent like Sean Kelly take a bigger leadership role as the Head of our New York studio and lead the team to the global launch of Draw Something 2," Ko added.

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