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EA adds sponsored items to SimCity with Nissan Leaf electric cars, charging station

Electronic Arts' city-building simulation SimCity has its first sponsored item, thanks to Nissan. Available for download starting today is the Nissan Leaf Charging Station, a free in-game add-on that — in addition to letting Sims drive licensed electric cars — adds "happiness to nearby buildings" and produces no pollution.

The charging station will serve as a destination for players' Sims to access and recharge their Nissan Leafs, according to a post on EA's forums. "Once they leave, the Sims will find themselves happier," reads the post. Adding the charging station will not draw power, water or workers away from players' cities, according to EA, nor will it produce garbage or sewage.

The Nissan-sponsored item is available to download for free worldwide starting today and will be available for the next six months, according to EA.

SimCity launched on Windows PC in March. A Mac version is due sometime this spring, according to EA.

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