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The Debut 2 Bundle offers six 'up-and-coming' Steam Greenlight games

Indie Royale's The Debut 2 Bundle features six titles currently gathering votes on Steam Greenlight, including hack-n-slash title Croixleur and open-world space game Dawnstar.

In addition to the aforementioned titles, the bundle also includes first-person monster boxer Beast Boxing Turbo, 2D RPG Battlepaths, dungeon crawler Diehard Dungeon and puzzle platformer Out There Somewhere.

Four days remain in the current sale. More than 6,000 bundles have already been purchased, with the current minimum sitting at $5.52 at the time of this posting. Those that pay $8 or more will also receive a bonus album, The Reality Chipmusic Love Industry from Bright Primate.

You can watch the trailer above for a look at all six titles. Indie Royale will launch its next bundle, The Lunar Bundle, in two weeks.