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Sir, You Are Being Hunted gameplay videos feature stealthing and shooting

Two new videos for Sir, You Are Being Hunted, Big Robot's stealth survival open-world game, offer a look at useful tactics and gameplay.

The videos were posted and narrated by Jim Rossignol, Big Robot's founder. The first video, which you can watch above, includes the importance of being discreet.

"Hiding is an extremely important tactic, staying motionless and using cover around you to remain effectively invisible," Rossignol says in the video.

The second video, posted below, features Rossignol's hunt for food. Players must be wary of danger even while they search and can use audio clues to stay alert.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted was Kickstarted in December 2012 and is currently scheduled to launch for Windows PC, Mac and Linux in July. The game takes place on an island where well-dressed robots hunt humans for sport. Pre-orders began last week.