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Sega Pluto prototype auctioning for $7,600

One of the two Sega Pluto prototypes discovered last week is currently up for sale by its owner on Game Gavel, with the current bid at $7,600.

The first Pluto popped up last week from a forum poster claiming to be a former Sega employee. According to the poster, Pluto was a variation of the Sega Saturn with a built-in NetLink modem. Destructoid reader kidvid666 wrote about his find shortly after, adding that he would sell the system.

"Due to a really unknown value for such an item (only two known to exist!) I have covered all my bases to learn more about what its value may be," kidvid666 wrote on the Game Gavel bidding page. "So, I have a hidden high reserve AND I am starting the bidding at $1. So bid what you think the value is and that way we can all get a more accurate picture of the demand and value for this nearly one-of-a-kind item. I am also taking offers through GameGavel as well so feel free to make an offer."

The system is listed as being in excellent condition, though its top will not stay closed. The auction will end on April 26 at 12 a.m. ET. Three bids have been made at the time of this posting.

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