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Infinite Crisis gameplay video introduces Zatanna Zatara

A new video from Warner Bros.Interactive Entertainment showcases how Zatanna Zatara will play in the DC Universe-based multiplayer online battle arena game Infinite Crisis.

Zatanna is a stage illusionist who possess magical powers. In the free-to-play game, she is a combo range blaster and support champion. Her Passive is Stage Presence, which involves bonus Will regenerate and power defense based on max Will.

She has has a long list of powers and skills, such as the ability to summon swords that deal power damage to enemies within an area, and her dash/dazzle ability slows down enemy targets and speeds up alley targets.

Infinite Crisis features online multiplayer and single player and, to date, 12 DC Comics heroes have been announced for the game. The Turbine-developed game is scheduled for release in fall 2013 for Windows PC.

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