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Hawken receives Service Awards Achievement system

Adhesive Games' Hawken received more than 300 Service Awards in the Technician Update, according to a post on the game's official site.

Many Service Awards come with Hawken Credits, the in-game currency, which can range from 50HC an achievement for performing a certain amount of assisted kills, to 2,500HC for playing 100 hours of Hawken with the On the Clock 3 achievement.

Players can track their progression of awards by viewing Service Awards tab by clicking on their call-sign, and achievements are broken down by sub category, such as General, Game Modes, Mech Specific and Maps.

The Technician Update, which rolled out last week, also introduced the latest purchasable mech, the Technician. Meteor told Polygon in an interview that the mech is designed to make Hawken more accessible to new players.

Hawken is free-to-play and available for Windows PC.

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