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Watch Pong being played on the side of a Philadelphia skyscraper

Last Friday night a university professor and a handful of accomplices hijacked Philadelphia's Circa Centre to play the world's largest game of Pong.

The video posted above, via Andrew Cunningham on YouTube, shows the game in progress on the side of the 29-story skyscraper, the building's lights bouncing back and forth in recreations of the iconic game's ball and bumpers. The installation is the brain child of Drexel University professor Frank Lee, who was inspired to create the spectacle after casually driving by the building one day.

"For whatever reason, I saw in my mind's eye ... Tetris shapes outlined by those lights, falling and twisting and rotating," Lee told Polygon. "That, for me, became the start of this long five-year journey to make this game."

Check out our full interview with Lee here.

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