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Mega Man 3 official soundtrack now available through Capcom Store

As part of continuing its recent efforts to make the Mega Man soundtracks "legitimately available in the West," Capcom has released the soundtrack to Mega Man 3.

The Mega Man 3 official soundtrack is currently available in the Capcom Store for $8.95. Check out the track list below.

1. Title
2. Pass Word
3. Stage Select
4. Game Start
5. Needle Man Stage
6. Magnet Man Stage
7. Gemini Man Stage
8. Hard Man Stage
9. Top Man Stage
10. Snake Man Stage
11. Spark Man Stage
12. Shadow Man Stage
13. Blues
14. Boss
15. Stage Clear
16. Get a Weapon
17. Dr. Wily Stage Map
18. Dr. Wily Stage 1
19. Dr. Wily Stage 2
20. Dr Wily Stage 3
21. Dr. Wily Stage Boss
22. All Stage Clear
23. Ending
24. Staff Roll
25. Capcom Logo
26. Title
27. Stage Select
28. Magnet Man Stage
29. Gemini Man Stage
30. Top Man Stage
31. Shadow Man Stage
32. Boss
33. Get a Weapon/Boss Attack Result
34. Dr Wily Stage Boss
35. Staff Roll (PS)
36. Mode Select
37. Data Base
38. Spark Man
39. Shall we go on a Magnetic Continuous tour?

Capcom released the soundtrack for Mega Man 2 last week, and the soundtrack for the first Mega Man in early April.

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