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Quantic Dream hopes to reach larger audience with PS4 touchpad

Quantic Dream on the PS4's controller

New interfaces like the PlayStation 4 controller's touchpad could allow developers like Quantic Dream to reach larger audiences, according to the studio's chief operating officer Guillaume de Fondaumiere in an interview with Eurogamer.

Speaking at the Digital Dragons Conference in Poland this past weekend, Fondaumiere told Eurogamer that the studio is always thinking about a console's controller because it enables players to interact with a huge variety of styles of games.

"In the past, we've made several propositions to Sony, who is the console manufacturer, to make sure that the controller is not a barrier to the experience for certain people who are not used to this controller," he said.

"We see today the emergence of new interfaces such as the touchpad and you've seen that, for instance, on the new PlayStation 4 controller, there's going to be a touchpad-type of system so that you can interface through it. That's very interesting and we're looking forward to designing games that are adapted to a larger audience."

Quantic Dream has been quick to embrace new forms of control systems in its games. Heavy Rain featured gesture commands, and PlayStation Move controls were added after the game's launch. The studio's upcoming game, Beyond: Two Souls, is in development for the PlayStation 3. It confirmed last month that is it working on a game for the PlayStation 4.

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