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2013 GDC #1ReasonToBe panel free to watch on the GDC Vault

The 2013 Game Developers Conference's #1ReasonToBe panel that discussed the life and challenges as a woman in the gaming industry, is now live and free to watch via the GDC Vault.

Speakers shared their one reason to be in the industry, their experiences and suggestions about how to make the industry inclusive for all.

The panel was inspired by the #1ReasonWhy twitter hashtag in November 2012 that raised discussion about sexism in the industry and the following #1ReasonToBe hashtag, where women shared their reasons to be in the games industry.

Panelists included Brenda Romero, game designer in Residence, University of California at Santa Cruz; Robin Hunicke, co-founder, Funomena!; Leigh Alexander, editor at large, Gamasutra; Elizabeth Sampat, game designer at Storm 8; Kim McAuliffe, game designer, Microsoft Studios; and Mattie Brice, MA student, creative writing, at San Francisco State University.

For more information, be sure to watch the panel and read Polygon's report from the event.

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