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Nordic Games asks fans what they should do next with Darksiders, former dev replies

Officials at Nordic Games, the new owners of the Darksiders series and more than 150 other former THQ properties, took to their forums last night to ask fans what they should do next with the series. And among the replies was one from a co-founder of franchise creator Vigil Games.

"As one of the co-founders of Vigil and the lead level designer/principal designer on both games, all I can say is... make it adventurous," wrote Ryan Stefanelli. "And do what we would've done: let people know what happens when those other three comets land on Earth!"

Stefanelli also said the game needs to include four player cooperative play.

"Good luck to you guys," he concluded. "You've adopted our baby."

Stefanelli's post came in response to a forum thread created on the Nordic Games site by Reinhard Pollice, the business and product development director at the company, spurring off more than 60 replies.

"The tale of the four horsemen has not been told to an end," he wrote. "So far we only know the story of War and Death but what about the other two? How will it go on? What did you enjoy most about Darksiders and Darksiders II? What did you absolutely dislike? What kind of Darksiders game do you wish should be created next?

"Please let us know!"

In a later post, Pollice wrote that Nordic Games doesn't yet have any "sure plans" for the future of the series or even a development team.

"So for now we will be analysing the situation and try to figure out what's the best option," he wrote. "One thing is sure: The tale of the four horsemen is not over!"

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