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Star Trek: The Video Game launch trailer sets the Enterprise against evil lizard aliens

A new trailer from Namco Bandai is out to celebrate the launch of Star Trek: The Video Game, laying out the story and what's at stake.

The Federation has invented a new wonder device called the Helios machine to help rebuild the devastated world of New Vulcan. However, a new alien race of humanoid lizard-men called the Gorn shows up and tries to take control of the Helios machine for their own ends. Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise can't let that happen, which is where the player comes in.

The Gorn showed up in the classic 1960s original Star Trek series, though their appearance then was slightly different — a fact that the game's marketing has poked fun at.

Star Trek: The Video Game is out today for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC.

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