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Strike Suit Infinity standalone score-chaser hitting Steam April 30

A new addition to the Strike Suit franchise, a score-chasing standalone game titled Strike Suit Infinity, is slated to hit Windows PC via Steam on April 30, developer Born Ready Games announced today.

Strike Suit Infinity uses combat elements and "high-flying maneuvers" similar to those in Strike Suit Zero in gameplay akin to an endless horde mode. Players will battle waves of oncoming enemies with the goal to survive each progressively-harder new round and ascend the rankings in online leaderboards.

Attacks can be chained together to boost scores, and keeping a steady offensive "rhythm" while taking out enemies will extend the chains and further rack up points. Players can also use credits earned through battle to buy reinforcement ships for battle backup, such as Fighters and Cruisers.

Strike Suit Infinity will be available for $6.99. Check out the gallery above for a first look.

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