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Skullgirls Slightly Different patch 'out soon' for Xbox 360

The "Slightly Different" Skullgirls patch will "finally be out soon," Lab Zero CEO Peter Bartholow told XBLAFans.

Slightly Different, which drops more than 300 fixes and a new training mode, was released for PlayStation Network in November 2012. The patch is passing through Microsoft certification and will go live as soon as it's approved.

"If all goes well, the Skullgirls Xbox 360 patch should finally be out soon," Bartholow said. "We won't know exactly when it goes out — [Microsoft says] it'll take two weeks, but [Microsoft] actually estimated that it would likely only take one."

Despite initial problems with the patch's size, Bartholow added that the update is identical to its PSN release.

"Nothing was cut," Bartholow said. "The Title Update + Compatibility Pack method of patching we ended up employing doesn't have any size limits."

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