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Sony sends out mock 2,000 page Beyond: Two Souls script

The script for Quantic Dreams' Beyond: Two Souls would take up 2,000 printed pages, which Sony illustrated recently when it sent out mockup copies of the game's script.

Check out the picture above to see a picture of the faux script that CNET writer Dan Ackerman posted on Facebook.

"Yesterday was Earth Day, today Sony sends over 2000 blank pages to show off how big the script for Beyond: Two Souls is," Ackerman wrote. "And, all the pages have been hole-punched, so you can't just re-use them in a printer. That said, David Cage is still The Man."

For more on Beyond: Two Souls, you can check out our impressions from E3 last year, our interview with mastermind David Cage from DICE 2013 and some gameplay footage released last month.

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