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SimCity players report new bugs with patch 2.0

SimCity patch 2.0 causing problems

Players of Maxis' SimCity are reporting that patch 2.0, which released yesterday, is introducing new bugs to the game and, in some cases, causing the game to crash.

Patch 2.0 is the first major update to SimCity since the game's launch, and it aims to address issues such as the inexplicable fluctuation of tourists, delays in receiving invitations and the playing of phantom audio. Since the patch's release yesterday, players have taken to EA's forums and Reddit to point out new bugs that may be caused by the patch.

Among the problems reported include sewage overloads, cities reverting to old saves, cities being overrun with taxis, pollution being magnified, production slowness in Cheetah Mode, road textures disappearing and phantom noises coming from objects, such as trees making siren noises. An extensive list collated by Reddit user Imidazole0 can be read here.

Similar problems are being reported on EA's official forums, with some players noting that, since the patch was installed, firetrucks aren't putting out fires, buildings burn but never turn into rubble and workers are able to enter buildings that have turned to rubble.

We have contacted EA for comment and will update this story as more information is available.

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