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Monaco delayed on Xbox Live Arcade, fix submitted to Microsoft

The Xbox Live release of Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine, Pocketwatch Games' action-stealth game, has been delayed and the developer has submitted a fix to Microsoft, according to a post on the game's official Facebook page.

The game was originally planed to launch simultaneously on Xbox Live Arcade and Steam tomorrow, April 24, but an "issue" will delay its Xbox 360 release. The XBLA delay will not affect the Steam release, a representative clarified in Facebook comments.

"We just discovered that there is an issue which requires that we push back our Xbox Live arcade game release date a little," reads the Facebook post. "We've already submitted an update to Microsoft to fix the problem, and as soon as we know that the issue is fixed we'll have a new release date. I know our fans have been waiting a long time for the game, and hopefully they'll have the patience to wait just a little while longer. What's mine will be yours very, very soon!"

For more on Pocketwatch and the game, be sure to check out Polygon's feature. You can see the top-down Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine in action in a recent trailer.

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