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Divekick will let you pit a pregnant skunk bear against a foul-playing fat man

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The current fighter roster for Divekick, Iron Galaxy Studios and One Game Studios fighting game parody, includes a cigar-loving pregnant skunk bear and a bluegrass-obsessed, boots on hands-wearing retired fighter.

The roster of eight features the two main characters, Dive and Kick, as well as an unnamed skunk bear; Mr. N, a morbidly obese sensei; Kung Pao, a fighter from a parallel universe who hates colour-coded ninja henchmen; Dr. Victoria Shoals, who has the least amount of health out of the characters; Uncle Sensei, the game's main characters' uncle; and Alex Jefailey, an amoral egomaniac.

All eight characters and their respective power and health stats are outlined on the PlayStation blog.

Divekick is a two button-based brawler and only offers players the option to dive and kick. The title is coming to PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Windows PC this summer.