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Stealer 2D cyberpunk indie canceled, creator lost interest

Indie developer Winged Doom's 2D cyberpunk game Stealer is no longer in development, according to posts from the creators on the TIGsource forums.

Russia-based Winged Doom released demo footage for the title last December, describing the game as their attempt to create a "living world" with a retro aesthetic. According to forum posts, the game's creators are no longer interested in the game and decided to cease production.

"I lost the interest in development of this game, sorry," posted a developer under the alias "08--n7.r6-79.84." "Tried several times to start again and then fail."

The developer also shared several previously unreleased mock-ups and designs from the canceled title. Winged Doom's blog has also been taken offline.

The studio is also currently working on another retro game inspired by the Legend of Zelda series, Journey to Hammerdale. Those interested can check the title's development progress on its official website.

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