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GLaDOS deals the cards in Poker Night 2 launch trailer

A new trailer celebrating the launch of Telltale's crossover card-shark title Poker Night 2 hit today featuring GLaDOS and the rest of the game's cast.

The trailer gives a quick introduction to the characters: Venture Bros. bodyguard Brock Samson, Borderlands mascot Claptrap, Evil Dead zombie slayer Ash, and freelance policeman Max of Sam & Max fame. The dealer is Portal's iconic nemesis GLaDOS, who is the second Valve character to appear in the series after Team Fortress 2's Heavy.

We also see some of the new features, like being able to buy opponents drinks and notice their tells, and the loot that players can unlock in other games with victories in Poker Night.

Poker Night 2 hits Xbox Live Arcade today, Steam on April 26, and PlayStation Network on April 30. The game will also eventually find its way to iOS.

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