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Yoshi look-alike stripped from Android game Era's Adventures at Nintendo's request

Botond Kopacz, the developer behind Android title Era's Adventures, amended its Yoshi look-alike main character after being contacted by Nintendo, Kotaku reports.

The site first spotted the copy-cat character in February. Era's Adventures follows the titular character, who after being trapped in an unfamiliar place must find keys to free herself. Era appeared to be nearly identical to Nintendo's iconic dinosaur in both color and shape. Kopacz told Kotaku that Nintendo did, in fact, contact him about the resemblence.

"Yes, and they did with rightly since the original Era was Yoshi's character," developer Botond Kopacz told Kotaku. "The new Era is also similar to Yoshi but we are cooperating with Nintendo about the changes required by them but till that time the only thing that we could do is to re-color it, remove the carapace and some other parts and make some changes in Era's head shape."

The game has since relaunched with Era slightly altered, as shown above. Era's Adventures is available through Google Play for $1.79.

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