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Camelot Unchained developers create prototype for building system

A new in-game demo for City State Entertainment's Kickstarter-funding hopeful Camelot Unchained offers the first look at a working prototype of the game's building system as introduced by studio programmer Tim Mills.

This latest prototype video shows off an early and unfinished version of the game, with cells designed "very quickly" by the developer's live stream artist Michelle. Together, both Michelle and Tim created the simple system from scratch in a period of two days.

"Frankly, Michelle could only spare a little time out of those two days because we've been keeping her so busy on new concept art," reads an updated post from the studio's Kickstarter page. "As to Tim, well, he just coded like a man possessed and out came both a prototype and a CU building session."

As of press time, Camelot Unchained has reached $1,380,134 of its $2 million funding goal, with seven days left for it to make up the difference.

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