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'Game of Thrones' fictional language hides reference to Castlevania hero

Linguist David J. Peterson hid a reference to 1988 platformer Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest in one of the fictional languages he developed for the Games of Thrones television show, reports Vulture.

Peterson said the dialect he created for the High Valyrian language, spoken by several characters on the program, borrows the name of hero Simon Belmont as the term for his own iconic weapon.

"The word for chain is belmon," Peterson said. "That's clearly a shout-out to [Castlevania 2:] Simon's Quest."

In Konami's classic Nintendo Entertainment System title, Belmont uses a whip to take down foes on his quest to destroy Dracula. While he begins with a simple leather whip that can later be upgraded to one with a chain, the type of weapon he wields remains constant.

In the show, heroine Daenerys Targaryen is given a whip by a slaver, who says she must use it to direct the mass of slaves she purchases from him.

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