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Sony devs discuss how DualShock 4 adds new features, but still feels like a DualShock

Sony's first-party developers believe the PlayStation 4's new controller, the DualShock 4, will open up new gameplay possibilities and make using the console much more intuitive, they said in a video released today by the company.

According to Toshimasa Aoki of Sony Computer Entertainment's product planning division and Scott Rohde, senior vice president of product development for SCE Worldwide Studios, the developers of the DualShock 4 reached out to Sony's first-party studios and other developers to find out what they wanted out of the PS4 controller — both in terms of tweaks like better-tuned analog sticks and new features like the Share button.

"There have been all these features added to it without compromising the basic feel of the DualShock," said Rohde.

Anton Mikhailov, a senior software engineer at Sony Computer Entertainment America's R&D Group and one of the lead developers on PlayStation Move, explained a helpful use of the light bar on top of the controller: The new PlayStation Eye camera can use it to identify and track the movement of players in a room, and with that knowledge, the PS4 can adjust the layout of a split-screen setup depending on where people are sitting.

"It seems like a minor thing, but it actually really helps the flow of the game, and just helps the intuitiveness of the whole console," he said.

For more details on what's new in the DualShock 4, check out our original article about its unveiling.

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