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Pokemon Black and White 2 players can grab Deoxys over Wi-Fi May 8

Pokemon Black and White 2 players will be able to grab an extremely rare legendary monster via the game's Wi-Fi distribution service next month: Deoxys, a promotion-only, Psychic-type juggernaut.

Deoxys is one of only a few Pokemon that can't be caught natively in the series without a special item distributed at promotional events. Starting on May 8, Black and White 2 owners won't need to schlep to a tournament or movie premiere to grab Deoxys; all they need to do is snag it using the Wi-Fi Mystery Gift option found on the game's main menu. This particular Deoxys will carry a special set of moves, and can be transformed into different "Formes" to drastically alter its stats.

The end date for the promotion has not yet been announced, so interested trainers should grab Deoxys soon after it surfaces May 8.

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